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Now Offering: Home Care Services

Care Connection is now offering transitional care, a post-discharge home care service.

Transitional care is an essential type of home care that focuses on the coordination and continuity of care for patients as they move between different healthcare settings or levels of care. The goal of transitional care is to ensure that patients receive the appropriate level of care and support during the transitions between hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, home care, and other healthcare settings.

Transitional care typically involves a team-based approach with healthcare providers from different settings working together to create a seamless transition for the patient. This may include coordinating appointments, medication management, and other aspects of care to ensure that the patient's needs are met throughout the transition process. Transitional care is particularly important for patients who are transitioning from hospital to home, as they may require additional support and monitoring to avoid readmission and ensure a successful recovery.

Care Connection’s Transitional Care program focuses on these aspects of care.

  • Discharge coordination

  • Home medical equipment coordination

  • Assisted discharge transportation

  • Home safety evaluation

  • Daily living assistance

  • Medication management

Contact one of our exceptional care coordinators at 805-934-0592 to schedule these services for yourself or your loved one.


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