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What is it like to be a Care Connection non-emergency medical transportation driver?

As a professional driver operating one of our passenger mobility vans, you are the face of both our company and the healthcare providers we represent, often making both the first and last impression upon the patients. While it's true that you need to be an excellent driver, it’s your exceptional customer service skills, kindness and compassion that really standout. Your friendly, helpful demeanor shines through in all your interactions, and the way you make people feel is remembered long after their ride. You are a true five-star customer service professional who shows up on time, thinks ahead and cares about the safety and comfort of your passengers. You make sound decisions and are very attentive to safety. You love that you don't have to sit at a desk all day. Instead you are out and about each day meeting new people and transporting some of your regulars to whom you have befriended. You enjoy being an active member of a team with common goals and more importantly, common values. As a Care Connection non-emergency medical transportation driver, coming to work is the highlight of your day.

To join our team or use our exceptional services, call our dedicated Care Coordination staff today at 805-934-0592 or email us at

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