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Featured Women-Owned Business for April 2022

City of Santa Maria recognizes Care Connection Transport Services for making significant contributions in the community.

On April 19th, 2022, the City of Santa Maria together with the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce selected Care Connection Transport Services as the featured women-owned business of the month. Businesses are selected based on their significant amount of time in the community and for their unique and significant contributions to the community. This recognition reminds our community of the unique, diverse, and long-standing businesses we are fortunate to have in Santa Maria.

We are honored to receive this award. As our representative Lorene, pictured above with the Mayor of Santa Maria, Alice Patino, said during the ceremony, 'We take great pride in caring for our community. To put it in perspective, the ambulances transport people to the hospital and once they are ready for discharge, we transport them home and ensure they get settled comfortably back in their home.'.

Click the link to view the award presentation at the City of Santa Maria City Council Meeting which starts 22:00 minutes into the video.

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