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Make-A-Wish Journey

Meet the Cholula family of Santa Maria……

Their incredible resilience and strength were exemplified, especially in little Oscar, a brave young boy battling neurofibromatosis and muscular dystrophy. Despite his hardships, Oscar's indomitable spirit shone brightly, illuminating every room he entered with his infectious smile.

As Oscar's condition worsened, the family turned to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a ray of hope. When asked about his greatest wish, Oscar didn't hesitate. His greatest wish was to travel and reunite with his older brother, Omar, who had become a father figure to him following the loss of their own father. Omar was serving in the Marines, stationed far from home at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. The thought of reuniting with his brother brought a twinkle to Oscar's eyes and a warmth to his heart.

Finally, the day of Oscar's journey arrived. With his mom, Maribel, sister Marisol, and brother Edgar by his side, the Cholula family embarked on an adventure to reunite with Oscar. Care Connection Transport Services, a local assisted transportation company, generously offered their assistance to ensure the Cholula family's smooth travel.

As Oscar caught sight of his brother waiting for him in the hotel, his face lit up with pure happiness. In that moment, surrounded by his family, Oscar felt a sense of belonging and love that he would cherish forever.

Care Connection, in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, united to fulfill the wish of a young Santa Maria boy, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, hope and compassion can illuminate the path ahead. And as Oscar and his family embraced one another in a tight embrace, they knew they were genuinely encompassed by the love of their town, their family, and most importantly, each other.

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